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Lowes How To Paint Cabinets

Painting your cabinets can be an easy and cost-effective way to update the look of your kitchen or bathroom. If you’re looking for a fresh, new look for your cabinets, look no further than Lowes. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to paint your cabinets from Lowes.

Step 1: Select the Right Paint for the Job

The first step is to select the right paint for the job. Depending on the type of material you’re working with, you will need to choose a different type of paint. If you’re working with wooden cabinets, you’ll want to select an oil-based paint. If the cabinets are metal, you’ll want to choose a latex-based paint. Make sure to read the label on the paint can to make sure you’re selecting the right type of paint for the job.

Step 2: Prepare the Cabinets

Once you’ve selected the right paint, you’ll need to prepare the cabinets. This includes removing the hardware and cleaning the cabinets thoroughly. You’ll want to make sure that the cabinets are free of dust and dirt before you start painting. If there are any holes or cracks in the cabinets, you’ll want to fill them in with wood filler and sand them down before you start painting.

Step 3: Prime the Cabinets

After the cabinets are prepped and ready to go, it’s time to prime them. Primer will help the paint adhere to the cabinets and create a better bond. You’ll want to apply a thin layer of primer and let it dry for at least 2 hours before painting.

Step 4: Paint the Cabinets

Now it’s time to paint the cabinets. When you’re painting the cabinets, you’ll want to start with the sides and then work your way to the doors and drawers. You’ll want to use a brush for the corners and edges and a roller for the rest of the surface area. It’s important to use even strokes and make sure you’re applying an even coat of paint. You’ll also want to make sure you’re allowing the paint to dry before adding a second coat.

Step 5: Apply the Top Coat

When the cabinets are completely dry, you’ll want to apply a top coat. This will help protect the paint and make it last longer. You should apply two coats of top coat, allowing the first coat to dry completely before adding the second one. Once the top coat is dry, you can reinstall the hardware and enjoy your new cabinets.

Painting your cabinets with Lowes can be a great way to update the look of your kitchen or bathroom. With the right preparation and the right materials, you can have beautiful, freshly painted cabinets in no time. Follow these steps and you’ll be sure to have beautiful cabinets that last for years to come.