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How To Winterize Above Ground Pool Intex

Winterizing your Intex above ground pool is essential to make sure it remains in good condition until the warmer months. This process requires draining the water, cleaning out the pool, and adding the necessary chemicals before storing it for the winter. With a few simple steps, you can winterize your Intex above ground pool and ensure it's ready for use in the summer.

Before you start the winterizing process, you'll need to double-check that all the pool chemicals are balanced. You should test the pH and alkalinity of the water, and add additional chemicals as needed. This will help ensure the water is safe for your pool.

Once your chemicals are balanced, you can start winterizing your Intex above ground pool:

  • 1. Drain the water: Start by draining all the water from your pool. This can usually be done by connecting a garden hose to the bottom drain of the pool, and then running the hose to a nearby drain or sump hole. You can also use a submersible sump pump to remove the water.
  • 2. Clean the pool: Once the water has been removed, you can start cleaning the pool. Remove any debris from the surface and walls, and then scrub the walls and floor with a brush and vacuum. Make sure to clean out the filter and skimmer baskets as well.
  • 3. Add winterizing chemicals: Once the pool is clean, you should add a winterizing agent. This will help keep the pool clean and prevent algae growth. You can also add a chlorine shock to the pool for additional protection.
  • 4. Cover the pool: Finally, you should cover the pool to protect it from the elements. Make sure to use a pool cover specifically designed for Intex pools. This will ensure the pool is kept clean and free of debris.

Winterizing your Intex above ground pool is a simple process that will help keep it in good condition until the warmer months. By following the steps above, you can make sure your pool is ready for use when the summer season arrives.