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How To Remove Old Door Knob With No Screws

Are you trying to replace an old door knob but find that there are no screws? Don't worry! Removing an old door knob without screws is still possible with the right tools and technique. By following the steps below, you'll learn how to successfully remove old door knob with no screws.

First, identify the type of door knob you have. Depending on the type of door knob, the removal process may vary. The most common types of door knobs are: standard doorknob, privacy doorknob, passage doorknob, and keyed locksets. Knowing the type of door knob you have is essential for removing it without screws.

Once you've identified the type of door knob, you'll want to gather the necessary tools for the job. For most door knob types, you'll need a flathead screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, and a hammer. Having the right tools is essential to make sure you don't damage the door knob or its surrounding components during removal.

Now that you have the right tools, it's time to start removing the old door knob. Begin by using the adjustable wrench to loosen the two screws on the back of the knob. If there are no screws, you may need to use a flathead screwdriver to pry the back plate off of the door knob. Once the back plate is removed, the knob should come off easily.

If the door knob has a lock, you'll have to take additional steps to remove it. First, use the flathead screwdriver to remove the screws on the lock. Then, use the adjustable wrench to remove the set screws from the lock. Once the screws are removed, you should be able to slide the lock out of the door knob.

Finally, if the door knob has a latch, you may need to use a hammer to remove it. Place the flathead screwdriver at the latch and hit it with the hammer to loosen it. Once the latch is loose, you should be able to remove the door knob from the door.

Now that you know how to remove old door knob with no screws, you're ready to replace it with a new one. Before installing the new door knob, make sure you check the screws to make sure they are in good shape. If they are not, replace them before installing the new door knob. With the right tools and technique, you should have no trouble replacing your old door knob with a new one.