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How To Measure A Toilet Flapper

A toilet flapper is an important part of a toilet’s flush system. It is the part that seals the flush valve, allowing the tank to fill with water and then releases the water into the bowl when flushed. Knowing how to measure a toilet flapper is important so that you can purchase the correct replacement when needed. Here are some steps to help you measure a toilet flapper.

  • Gather the necessary materials. You will need a ruler or measuring tape and a flashlight. You may also need a pair of pliers or an adjustable wrench if the flapper is difficult to remove from the tank.
  • Locate the flapper. The flapper is the round rubber or plastic disk in the center of the flush valve. It is connected to the flush lever on the side of the tank. It is common for the flapper to be hidden by the flush lever, so you may need to use the flashlight to locate it.
  • Remove the flapper. Use the pliers or adjustable wrench to remove the flapper from the flush valve. You may need to turn the screw on the side of the flush valve to loosen the flapper.
  • Measure the flapper. Once the flapper is removed, use the ruler or measuring tape to measure the diameter of the flapper. Be sure to measure from the outside edge of the flapper to the outside edge of the flapper.
  • Record the measurements. Record the measurements in a notebook or on a piece of paper. This will help you when you are looking for a replacement flapper.
  • Replace the flapper. Once you have the measurements, you can purchase the correct replacement flapper. Reattach the flapper to the flush valve using the pliers or adjustable wrench.

Measuring a toilet flapper is a simple process that can be completed in a few minutes. Knowing the correct measurements of the flapper is important so that you can purchase the correct replacement. Following these steps will help you measure your toilet flapper and ensure that you get the correct replacement.