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How To Change Weed Eater Line

A weed eater, also known as a string trimmer, is a powerful tool used to cut grass and weeds in areas that are too tight for a lawnmower. To maintain your weed eater and keep it running efficiently, it is important to replace the line in the trimmer head when it becomes worn or frayed. Here is how to change the line in your weed eater.

First, shut off the engine and remove the spark plug wire from the spark plug. This will help prevent accidental starting of the engine while you are replacing the line.

Next, locate the trimmer head and remove it from the trimmer shaft. Most heads are held on securely with a bolt or locking nut. Use a socket wrench or adjustable wrench to loosen the head from the shaft and then remove it.

Once the trimmer head is removed, take out the old line and discard it. There are different types of trimmer line available, so select the correct size and type for your weed eater. Most trimmer heads will accept either round or square line, so be sure to select the right type for your trimmer head.

Once you have the new trimmer line, you will need to install it in the trimmer head. Start by feeding the end of the line through one of the eyelets in the trimmer head. Make sure the line is pulled tight as you feed it through. Then, wrap the line around the spool, starting at the other eyelet and winding the line in a clockwise direction. As you wind the line, be sure to keep it even and pull it tight to ensure that the line is wound properly.

Once the line is wound, you can trim off the excess with a pair of scissors. Then, reattach the trimmer head to the trimmer shaft. Be sure to tighten the bolt or locking nut securely. Finally, reattach the spark plug wire and you are ready to go.

Changing the line in your weed eater is a fairly simple process. By following these steps, you can easily replace the old, worn line in your trimmer head and get back to trimming your lawn or weeds. Now you know how to change the weed eater line in just a few simple steps.